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Bourse Africa, licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), is the first international multi-asset class exchange from Mauritius that offers trading on commodity derivatives, African and Global currency derivatives, African equity index derivatives and CFDs on commodities and currencies. At Bourse Africa, we envision to be the global hub for Africa centric risk management, trading, investing and capital raising requirements



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Instrument Product Lot Size Bid Ask Spread % Change*
COMCFD GOLDCFD  1 TOZ 1132.50 1133.05 0.55 0.91   View Chart
COMCFD SILVERCFD  50 TOZ 14.50 14.61 0.11 0.87   View Chart
CURCFD EURUSDCFD  1000 EUR 1.1198 1.1202 0.0004 -0.49   View Chart
CURCFD GBPUSDCFD  1000 GBP 1.5390 1.5396 0.0006 -0.10   View Chart
* % Change shows value of change in Previous Day’s Close Price and Mid price of Bid Price and Ask Price